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Maria's Story1990

  • 4.1
It is El Salvador, 1989, three years before the end of a brutal civil war that took 75,000 lives. Wife, mother and guerrilla leader Maria Serrano is on the front lines of the battle for her people and her country. With unprecedented access to the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN) guerrilla camps, the filmmakers dramatically chronicle Maria's daily life in the war as she travels from village to village organizing the peasant population and helps plan a major nationwide offensive that led the FMLN into the historic peace pact of 1992. Skirting bullets and mortar attacks, recounting a childhood of poverty and abuse by government troops, suffering the tragic loss of her daughter to enemy fire and spending precious moments with her husband and surviving daughters, Maria brings viewers to the heart of the fight for a more just society.

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incredibly tragic and sad...full of stinging truths

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The El Salvador civil war and the horrifying reports of families killed ,plus teachers priests and trade unionists. A salute to Maria Serrano and the men, women and children who resisted the corrupt military.


i hate subtitles