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also known as Alba pagana | Delitto a Oxford

May Morning1970

  • 2.9
A dramatic and penetrating examination of the intellectual and moral standards existing at Oxford University, England. Featuring three of the brightest rising stars of the European cinema of the 1970s (Jane Birkin, John Steiner and Alessio Orano) and a cool retro soundtrack by the Tremeloes, MAY MORNING is kinky, sexy, violent thriller.

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Member Reviews (3)

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top reviewer

Terrible movie, slow moving, and boring; I didn't care about any of the characters, and the music soundtrack is truly dreadful, chock-full of off key singing of bad songs. The only thing about it worth watching is the sultry good looks of Alessio Orano.

top reviewer's a time capsule - a very slow time capsule...more dreary than swinging

A battle over a point of honor fought with the weapons of Machiavellianism, scientific racism and social inertia at Oxford University during the '68 cultural revolution provides the context for a translation of the 'Don Giovanni'.