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Mean Mother1974

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  • 3.1
Clifton Brown stars as "mean mother" Beauregard Jones, an AWOL Vietnam War soldier in Los Angeles trying to move some heroin smuggled out of Saigon. Double-crossed by the syndicate and forced to blast his way out of trouble, Beauregard heads back to his platoon where he meets his old army buddy, Joe (Dennis Safren). A Vietcong raid gives them a chance to escape, and together they high-tail it out of Vietnam and begin a dope-dealing partnership that also involves stolen gold, a counterfeiting operation, the defection of a seductive ballerina, lots of guns, lots of beautiful women and murder. But Beauregard and Joe soon find themselves in way too deep with a vicious band of thugs, and with a price on their heads, they must fight to stay one step ahead of cold-blooded syndicate hitmen and the military. Beauregard may be the meanest mother and the baddest brother around, but this time the odds seemed stacked, even against him.