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Meaning of Robots2012

  • 3.8
This short film profiles the benevolent Mike Sullivan, who has been in the process of shooting a stop-motion robot mating film in his New York City apartment for the last ten years. Obsessed with the meticulous construction of the miniature robot stars, his apartment now overflows with thousands, leaving him only tiny paths to navigate and no place to film his epic.

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Hilarious and warped. A must see for short subject documentary fans.

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Hilarious and warped. A must see for short subject documentary fans.

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top reviewer

Like great flash fiction, you're left wanting more, but your own mind also fills in a lot of the blanks. It's nice to think that this man could be living in a house on your street.

top reviewer

hermits of the world unite. LOL

top reviewer

Four minutes?!?! This should have been at least an hour... The material is RIGHT THERE! It's more like a trailer for an actual documentary. I hope that someone picks this up and does a real documentary. It would be an interesting one to say the least.

lovingly crude yet totally relate-able weirdo.

I liked it. A poetic documentary on one eccentrics life. Similar in tone to the 1977 classic "Bruce and His Things," it refuses to expose more than that man's eccentricity.