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  • 3.9
Master Italian filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini beautifully re-imagines Euripides' ancient Greek tragedy with Maria Callas in the title role. In this haunting tale, Medea sacrifices everything to win the heart of Jason, captain of the Argonauts, but when he spurns her love, Medea exacts a scorching revenge that destroys everyone in its path.

Member Reviews (4)

top reviewer

Beautiful. And opera fans will relish Maria Callas in the starring role!

Interesting soundtrack, reminds me of something almost tibetan.

Many enigmatic lines to ruminate upon, "the day nature seems natural to you, it means the end"....

Interesting film. Callas is magnificent.

Early on, I'm pretty sure these guys were filming an ancient gay rights parade (if that's your deal), but they're either real hung over, or they're just

crappy cameramen...other than that & its overall cheese vibe, I didn't know what the hell this was supposed to, wait a minute...a homework assignment for some 10th grade Italian film-making students? Hey, OK, now we're getting somewhere...D- minus for the lot of you, and maybe yall should think about opting in for that Over The Road Truck Driving Class down the hall...