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Memory Box2015

  • 3.1
A dreamlike drama about gender and power. A young mother works at a memory recreation facility (where actors recreate clients' memories). A client pushes her to break the rules, crossing lines and jeopardizing her job. She's forced to decide how far she's willing to go. Dreams and fantasy become entangled with memory. Assumptions are upended as reality is deconstructed, and we have to wonder who is really pushing whom.

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A good, clear story with a nice twist.

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A good, clear story with a nice twist.

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Fantastic! Creepy realistic power dynamics in a weirdness. Beautifully done.

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super weird very cool_4+

I immediately rewatched it, great both times.

Interesting idea, well told.

It was cool to see Mackenzie Davis in something other than Halt & Catch Fire, but otherwise this short film made NO SENSE AT ALL. Right as I thought it was maybe going to reveal something, it ended.

Almost a 4. Interesting but predictable ending.

It's about loss, fading memories, the weight of the present, and the mobility of fantasy.

Rounding up from 3.5 stars. Wonderful premise and solid performances, but fizzles out at the end.

Promising idea with no development.

Entirely cerebral.