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also known as La bouche de Jean-Pierre


  • 3.6
A ten-year-old girl is received by her aunt because of her mother's confinement to a mental hospital. But the aunt lives with a man, Jean-Pierre, who seems to be a little too nice with the girl. "My name is Mimi. My mom took a lot of drugs last night and now she's all pale and in the hospital. Aunt Solange took me to her apartment. My bed is in a very little closet. At night, I hear a man hurting Solange. His name is Jean-Pierre. There's nothing to do at my aunt's apartment. The apartment is really hot. Jean-Pierre messes with me. I'm scared he's going to hurt me like he hurts my aunt at night. Drugs have many, many colors, there are many to choose from. Maybe if I take them, I can go be with my mom again."

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Member Reviews (3)

top reviewer

Sad and depressing. Strong story line but a rather inconclusive ending in my opinion. But definitely worth a watch.

Disturbing to watch but well acted and photographed.

Worth watching..