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  • 3.9
After gaining notoriety for their burn-it-down deconstructionist covers of popular hits (including songs by the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and James Brown), the anonymous Residents produced their own insincere iteration of a Top 40 chart with the "Commercial Album" (composed entirely of forty minute-long song fragments playable in any order and designed to be as digestible as possible to a wide audience). Part of the album's promotion included buying one-minute slots of advertising on an actual Top 40 station to play the album in its entirety over three days. The album additionally resulted in the production of four "One Minute Movies" representing an early crack at the music video format. The first, MOISTURE, features the Residents (in full eyeball regalia) prodding at a web-covered woman with insectoid limbs as well as a brief cameo by band manager Homer Flynn miming a demented guitar solo by (probably) Snakefinger. - Tom Fritsche

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Certainly not A-G, but I guess the nomenclature "Music Video" excuses all varieties of sin.