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  • 3.9
Brazil's remote, little-filmed Minas Gerais province provides the fascinating setting for this resonant tale of how one very unordinary child attempts to make sense of the world (and adults) around him. Shy, sensitive and usually un-talkative ("mutum" can mean "mute"), ten year old Thiago spends the days on his family’s isolated farm trying to figure out what on earth his parents and other adults are up to. Their kindly mother and abusive father seem barely compatible and their relationship turns to the worse once a mysterious event forces the boy's uncle off the farm. Obsessed with religious concepts of sin, repentance and forgiveness, the two youngsters attempt to weigh the violence of their father's actions against the kindness of their grandmother's words and also against the harsh, unforgiving landscape of the natural world around them. Based upon the famous Brazilian novel "Campo geral" by Joao Guimaraes Rosa, MUTUM features an astonishing performance by the young Thiago da Silva Mariz as our tiny, pint-sized philosopher, a child wise beyond his years. "He knows many stories but doesn't realize it yet," one character says of him. Director Sandra Kogut conceived the film to exist on "the border between documentary and fiction." The cast, most of whom had never seen a film before, lived as a "family" on the same farm for a few months before filming began and grew so comfortable as their characters that they improvised their own dialogue. - Jason Sanders

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Boring as hell. Not very clear if they wanted to depict a family from Minas (Southeast) or from the Northeast. Very good sound though.

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"Why do all things happen, mom?"_really beautiful wonderful film_mostly sad_so you're this young kid you have a wonderful mother & a horrible father_where are you_you're a dreamer but how can you dream in a trap_where are you where are the people you love_how come they get hurt_the kids area all great the whole cast is_super