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  • 3.8
In this short film by Norman McLaren, dancers enact the Greek tragedy of "Narcissus", the beautiful youth whose excessive self-love condemned him to a trapped existence. Skillfully merging film, dance and music, the film is a compendium of the techniques McLaren acquired over a lifetime of experimentation.



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Three stars for the effort, for the camera and editing work (maybe four stars there ). and a sense of appreciation for a different kind of film. I enjoy dance, and dance usually does not have any dialog, save the expressions of the dancers themselves.

but most classic dance usually has musical components, many of which are familiar and which lend a kind of subconscious dialog to the presentation. In this film, I missed that little something. I had to work hard to keep interested during the longer dance segments, perhaps in part because the music, though seemingly appropriate, was unfamiliar and required a part of my mmd in addition to the dance. All in all, a worthy presentation that was well done, innovative, imaginative, but a little long for my limited span of attention.

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This was amazing! I love the story as it is but this was just beautiful. All facets have such sex appeal and it is so sensual. I'd watch it again :)