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New York: Brooklyn Bridge1896

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  • 3.8
Trolleys interrupt our vision of the distant Brooklyn Bridge, still relatively new when this film was shot, before rumbling on towards its archways. Though the film initially appears an incidental actuality, its bookended open views of the landscape reveal a careful design.



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top reviewer

Beautiful history lesson, especially to see the early architecture, structure, and evolution of the Brooklyn Bridge. Those trolleys have certainly been replaced by subway trains and tourists, who, fascinated by the bridge, are still able to visit it, film it, or witness it with their very eyes.

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top reviewer

New Yorkers have a very real tendency to deify the inanimate things that move us through our compact existence. I adore this film!

Love these old clips of real life

interesting historicly

While watching this one realizes how priceless these films are; it's like a virtual time machine.