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Night Light2017

  • 3.3
This is a classic Jordan animation, primarily in B/W, with touches of color. Actually, the engraved art work was filmed on color negative, so that subtle variations in tone are recorded. The mood—enhanced by John Davis' original music—is dream–like. It is both lyric and crackling, producing a kind of anticipatory tension. The scenes, in the usual Jordan manner, follow the surreal principle of placing objects and people where the ought not to be, and making movements that in the waking world are impossible. Each scene is a kind of drama from another world.

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Member Reviews (3)

top reviewer

In the collage tradition of Max Ernst and Jess, we encounter a world tour of possibilities, recurring yet unique characters & signs. A conversation just outside our range of hearing. Well done!

The subtle details are delightful. Worth watching again for appreciation of the little things that illustrate the thoughtfulness of the director. Good fun for a quickie! ;)

I found it both soothing and mysterious.