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North of Vortex1991

  • 2.8
A bisexual junkie poet (Stavros Zalmas) driving coast-to-coast first picks up a hunky hitchhiking sailor (Howard Napper) and then an androgynous waitress (Valda Drabla) as companions. They form an uneasy erotic triangle that will finally implode in a fateful desert episode. Greek director Constantine Giannaris' moody short black-and-white feature, set to British trumpeter John Eacott’s old-school jazz combo score, is very much in the mode of the New Queer Cinema movement of its era. It unfolds almost entirely without dialogue (although with the voice of Kevin Graal as an all-seeing narrator) as the photogenic protagonists’ classic convertible travels west across a timeless America of diners, pool halls and prairie landscapes. - Dennis Harvey

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Entertaining and revealing of Man's desire to love!

No more to say . . .

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Entertaining and revealing of Man's desire to love!

No more to say . . .

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top reviewer

ok super cool_loved most of it except for one scene that i thought was dumb_always looks great super cinematography_dig all of the characters & the story_love Jackie_glad she hopped on

pointless journey

Interesting story of characters that are bonded temporary with body justice.

Sorry, but I want to be entertained and not intellectualized into the mood of the characters as they try to unravel; the 'meaning of life?' I'm sure some who view this piece will marvel at its introspective eroticism displayed by these characters and come away satisfied that their mind was opened to a hew perspective on life's journey into oblivion? Truly, this movie was made for the art houses and not for popular cinema houses !