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¡O No Coronado!1992

  • 3.6
This black-comic Conquistador chronicle aggressively reconstructs the 1540 Spanish invasion of those Pueblo Indian lands now known as the American Southwest through a multifarious, mixed-tense montage. Live-action vignettes are densely woven into wildly diverse "found" footage, video-to-film FX and a time-warped musical mix to create not only a cinematographic fabric of allusion, gesture and landscape, but also a polysemic, post-colonial pastiche of critical perspectives on the conquest outside of any one discourse. Animated graphics, collateral material and multiple voices interpenetrate the epic collage, conjugating a delirious, open-ended historiography that updates issues of imperialism, tourism, treaty rights and environmental protection from the 16th century to the present and beyond.

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Member Reviews (2)

top reviewer

Wonderful use of classically cliched film footage, bland and austere corporate commercials and their own bizarrely unique mockumentary re-creations show how organized religion and unchecked testosterone continue to denude and destroy the earth. Love the last image symbolizing the melding of regurgitated history and ugly materialism continue to plague us.

Funny take on ongoing European Indigenous contact.