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Of Mind and Music2014

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  • 4.3
A lyrical and extraordinarily beautiful story woven together by the music that permeates New Orleans and the jazz that made it famous. Renowned Neuroscientist Dr. Alvaro Cruz returns home from a lecture in Paris, heartbroken and disillusioned. In his absence, his mother has succumbed to Alzheimer's disease. Nothing that his research or science could do could stop this from happening. As he decides to take some time off work and reconnect with the love of music that he shared with his mother finding solace in the music that permeates New Orleans' French Quarter, he hears the mesmerizing voice of Una Vida for the first time. After repeat visits to hear her sing, he realizes that she is suffering from Alzheimer's disease and that her unconventional "family" cannot cope with her declining health. Cruz puzzles his wife, Angela, by seeking out Una Vida's long lost son in hopes of finally giving her resolution to the grief, loss and longing that has overshadowed her difficult but also beautiful life.
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top reviewer

Among other things the film had going for it, I liked the symmetry of some of the main elements in the film, a son finding his mother, another losing his. One of the characters always dreams of butterflies, another often speaks of them, and another character makes them of clay and sells them on the street while another is said to have one day destroyed the clay butterflies in a fit of rage.

top reviewer

Great companion film to "Alive Inside: A Story of Music and Memory"

Wonderfully engaging simplicity on a tragic reality of this life....dementia/Alzheimer's Disease. The acting and relationships are engaging and believable. A tear jerker... but in a weirdly gratifying way... Enjoy!