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  • 3.7
A compact, full-color cut-out animation as ephemeral as the colors swimming on the surface of a soap bubble. The eternal round shape, the orb (sun, moon, symbol of the whole self) balloons its inimitable and joyous course through scene after scene of celestial delight, fixing at last as the mystical globe encasing the lovers whose course it has paralleled throughout the film.

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Member Reviews (3)

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top reviewer

*I do not know the intent of the filmmaker = reviews are typically nothing but opinion and speculation. This one is no different.*

The art of cinema can be a lot of things - and like many art forms there are countless styles of expression and genres within those styles. Generally speaking, none of that matters - if you like it you like it. The interpretation is up to the individual and if you don't want to look further then that is totally fine.

I can interpret this trance like film in several ways, be it the main characters, if you could call them that, encountering many different places and times. Between the times we see them appear there is no way to know what has brought them to these particular settings and moods, which change hugely each time, but just seeing them there is a drama all it's own.

Orbs can be many things to us - the original god of man, the mysterious planets in space that we still haven't traveled despite being aware of for several centuries or, conversely, a tiny and defenseless children's toy. A single shape can tell well over a million stories.

Or, of course, an orb can be a totally tripped out mood piece that is as addictive to watch as cocaine is to snort up your nose, as it is here (with none of the negative side effects).

I'm not familiar with Lawrence Jordan's work, but if this is an indication of what he does, then I'm down to watch it all endlessly.

top reviewer

The orb shines. The orb radiates. See the orb!

It's amazing how a filmmaker can essentially make the same film over and over for decades and never have anything to say. Or can take decades to consistently fail at any message that is attempted. His work is beautiful, but it's not the kind of artistry that has anything to say on it's own. It's a collection of work that can be turned on for ambience at a party, but otherwise ignored.