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also known as 26.14

Pardon My Downfall2006

  • 2.5
The tragic 1978 story of the Jibcutters, the last great American alt-bluegrass band. PARDON MY DOWNFALL is part of Mike Plante's Lunchfilm series of commissioned shorts (made for the cost of a lunch between Plante and filmmakers David Zellner and Nathan Zellner).

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Member Reviews (5)

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top reviewer

not enjoyable,educational or informative nothing positive to say,the faux drug scene is pathetic waste of pancake mix not worth the time

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top reviewer

I'd really like to read the original script. This is the kind of thing my brothers did when they were drunk in our basement, under the belief it demonstrated their lives hadn't been wasted, but Hollywood was just blind.

top reviewer

This gives atrocious a new meaning.

Experimental? Sure. Played a bit long for the punchline.

Funny! I give four stars because it could have been one minute shorter.