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Pot Country2011

  • 3.5
Two people's relationships with the semi-legal crop that powers much of rural Northern California. Seen through the eyes of a fifth generation ex-logger and a back-to-the-land grandma who makes her living as a grower, POT COUNTRY is a story about survival and a community in flux. In many ways, this is not a movie about drugs or counterculture, as much as it's about making a living in rural places. The back roads here show proof of boom and bust cycles dating back to the days of the gold rush, dotted with tiny towns where there was once easy money to be made, first in harvesting a seemingly endless supply of towering redwood trees, then in reaping hidden groves of pot. But as marijuana goes mainstream all over the state, perhaps this latest lucrative resource will also fall away, leaving those who love this place to cobble together the means to remain. Edited without narration, the film unfolds from the point of view of the characters. The narrative tells the linear story of how pot came to the homesteads and small farms of the region, and how it is changing in the present day. But the structure is also based on contrasts and parallels: idealism and pragmatism; counterculture and mainstream commerce; legality and freedom.

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Member Reviews (1)

Liked---interesting story.