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Present Company2008

  • 3.8
Writer/director Frank V. Ross plays the leading role in this Illinois-shot independent film but it is hardly a vanity project. In fact, his protagonist Buddy has a personality that is room-clearing like a noxious gas. He's the kind of guy who can escalate just about any innocuous conversation into an argument that makes him look like the prickly, intolerant jerk he usually is. Ergo, it is rather surprising that Buddy has maneuvered his way into a live-in relationship with waitress Christy (Tamara Fana) and her baby Mikey. The relationship between these two adults is nothing if not volatile, however, exacerbated by social fiascos like the world-class tantrum Buddy throws when a friend driving their own car refuses to stop playing a song he doesn't like. This shaky domestic arrangement is tested when both he and Christy spend evenings that turn into sleepovers with opposite-sex pals they're attracted to. Can this shack-up be saved? Should it? Like many a train wreck, Buddy is fascinating to watch from a safe distance. Just be glad you're not a real-life passenger. - Dennis Harvey

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Member Reviews (1)

I am bias on this one as the last frames of a Genoa, Illinois shirt (my home town) officially tie me to the filmmaker in some complicity. However, Frank V Ross outdoes himself with this unique and visionary film about a couple that's not really a couple but should be a couple. A solid film from beginning to end.