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Primitive London1965

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  • 3.5
An outrageous jolt of British exploitation, PRIMITIVE LONDON is an exposé of the hidden desires and bizarre vices that percolate behind the exterior of English life. Beginning with the graphic birth of a baby, director Arnold Miller sketches out the options for a child in the new England. So he profiles the stylistic garishness of the mods, the anti-establishment posturing of the rockers and the lonely lives of pinball addicts. The youth are lost (with the adults no better), dissipating their vain lives in plastic surgery, bizarre exercise routines and wild wife-swapping parties. Through all the debauchery and aimlessness, in PRIMITIVE LONDON you can discover a pre-permissive Britain still trying to move on from the post-war depression of the 1950s.



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Primitive London on □’s

'There are others belonging to no group because they are unaware of themselves as members of any society. They dissipate their identity in complete passivity. They become reduced to human adjuncts of a machine and the machine’s flashing lights lends an air of action, of doing something; a sedative to cover an attitude of cynical indifference.’ [/i]

Witty and thorough subculture exploitation. Like many in the style, it is difficult to know what is real amidst what is cynically satirical. The short scene where a surgeon removes a corn by sawing out a man's foot to stop it from coming back is quickly succeeding by biased accounts of strippers, public relations, beatniks, chicken factories and other sociological and technological aspects of a post-war Britain on the dawn of globalization. A subtler and incredibly more British take on the Mondo Cane style that emerged in the 60's. Meant for a Jesster to watch years later…

“You’ve a long, strange way ahead..."


you have to see it to believe it