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Private Practices1985

  • 3.8
  • passes the bechdel test
In this groundbreaking cult documentary from 1985, director Kirby Dick weaves a fascinating study of the curious role of a sex surrogate. Maureen Sullivan and two of her clients agreed to have the entire progression of their therapy taped and what emerges is a disarming and compassionate look at the struggles people face in connecting with one another. Twenty-five-year-old Kipper is a grad student who gets nervous just talking to a girl, let alone touching her. John, at 45, is newly divorced and suffering from the revelation that his ex-wife was silently dissatisfied for twenty years. As Maureen attempts to build up their confidence, she exposes her own doubts in this touching film.

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Member Reviews (5)

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top reviewer

It could have been named "Discovery." Very enjoyable, rewarding, interesting. It was real, dealt with real people and real problems - all on a level of sharing. Very little teacher-pupil stuff. I will watch it again. And it was gentle and touching.

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top reviewer

Such an interesting look at an unusual profession. I wonder how Mo is doing today?

top reviewer

I can teach that one guy how to be a better kisser, but will I ever learn how to truly love? The therapists on therapists sessions were interesting. More great neighbors and the daughter saying, "My dad's looking for a nice young lady but they are NOT looking for him!" SELF AWARENESS PEOPLE


very different but interesting