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also known as Proroki i uroki

Prophets and Lessons1967

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  • 3.4
With art direction by noted Soviet political caricaturist Boris Yefimov, PROPHETS AND LESSONS is a stylish variation on the usual Soviet propaganda themes of noble workers standing up to greedy capitalists. The film’s song-like structure alternates between Western prophecies of the USSR’s ruin and energetic live footage to the contrary. The Russian proletarian is shown to thrive in industry, battle and space exploration.


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I love me some Soviet propaganda film. And not in some stupid ironic hipster way. I genuinely love this stuff.

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Good stuff. And if one's eyes and mind are open, one can learn an immense amount about human beings, cultures, kingdoms, empires, economies, and nations in nine minutes. (And enjoy some wit, insight and great graphics in the same few breaths.)