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also known as Young, Willing and Eager

Rag Doll1961

  • 3.2
Pop star turned actor Jess Conrad plays singing crook Jo Shane who attracts the eye of naïve runaway Carol (Christina Gregg) in this film slice of delinquent crime nostalgia. When Carol falls in love with Jo, he uses his charm to turn her against her new-found keeper Wilson (Kenneth Griffith). When he tries to break into Wilson's home, the robbery goes tragically wrong.

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"When she was just a kid

Her clothes were hand-me-downs

They always laughed at her when she came into town

Called her rag doll

Little rag doll"

Rag Doll, the nick-name that seventeen year old Carol is given as a child working in her step-father's diner, runs away from home one evening after a customer tries to force his affections on her. She hitches her way to the big city (London) and finds herself in the company of those with dubious intentions.

A middle-aged business owner helps Carol out with a position and a female employee allows her to room with her, but what do they want in return? Everyone warns Carol against Jo "Cool" Shane, but she's 17 years old, so you can guess what happens. Unchecked emotions lead to drama and consequences.

Try not to chuckle during the last few seconds of action. The expression on Jo's face is almost comical. "Rag Doll" is hopefully a bit wiser now.