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also known as Pret-a-Porter

Ready to Wear1994

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  • 3.2
At the world's hottest fashion show, there's been a murder. Now, everybody's a suspect, including two guests who end up sharing much more than a hotel room. Add to the fun a hilariously inept TV reporter on the trail of her most shocking interview yet. They're all caught up in the year's biggest see-and-be-seen events, where steamy scandals and spectacular supermodels turn up the heat in a riotous show of high-fashion hilarity.
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One of Altman’s best. I find Altman’s directorial skills in assembling such a huge cast and staging all of the fashion show events interspersed with actual real life footage to be most impressive and certainly visually dazzling. But most of all the film strikes me as an incredible combination of, on one hand a celebration/homage to the fashion industry and, on the other hand, a delicious satire of that same industry, including superlative take offs on gay designers played by Forest Whittaker and Richard Grant and the airhead TV fashion commentator played by Kim Basinger. The only segment I found a bit tedious were the scenes involving Julia Roberts and Tim Robbins which lacked any real punch and could well have simply been left on the cutting room floor. Including vintage Italian cinema stars such as Sophia Loren, Marcello Mastroianni, and Anouk Aimee, all of whom were sort of reprising their past celebrated moments in cinema, seemed to add to the overall fun.