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also known as I Ricordi del Fiume

River Memories2015

  • 3.7
Over one thousand people of different nationalities live among rats and rubbish in shacks slapped together out of metal sheets and wood. It's the platz, one of the largest shanty towns in Europe, on the banks of the river Stura in Turin. Many children, women, and old people have been living here for years in what has become a practically invisible microcosm that will soon no longer exist. By December 2014 a very ambitious project with a high social impact and involving many problematic issues, envisages the dismantling of the huts and the immediate relocation of the families into normal housing. RIVER MEMORIES provides an account of the life in this shanty town during its last remaining days, amid distress, drama, hope, and scenes from a different way of life.

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Member Reviews (2)

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top reviewer

It is always of value to learn of how others live. The camera work was excellent. No interviews

just impartial recording of lives under very deprived circumstances. And yet there was more

community in that small area of pieced together shacks, than I dare say many of those watching this

film will ever experience. Those who were moved into apartments, looked isolated and perhaps

poorer for the move. But they too, will make the best of their circumstances, as do all people


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