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Scene Missing2012

  • 3.3
Some years ago I was involved in a fruitless attempt to persuade Universal to bring WALKER out on Blu-Ray and DVD. They did neither, though they did turn the DVD rights over to Criterion, eventually... In the course of this, I suggested to Dennis Hopper that he and I make "making of" documentaries about WALKER and THE LAST MOVIE, which would serve as additional elements on the DVDs. Dennis said, "Sure, how much will they pay me?" He was very canny about money, and since the answer was zip his WALKER documentary never got off the ground. But I was and am a big fan of THE LAST MOVIE. And I am also friends with some of the participants, including Paul Lewis, the producer, Phil Thomas, the set builder and Satya de la Manitou, Dennis' best friend. Through them I was able to contact other participants, including Tomas Milian, Henry Jaglom and Don Gordon. And so I set about my "making of" documentary regardless of money or a LAST MOVIE DVD to put it on. SCENE MISSING is the result. What has happened to THE LAST MOVIE? Why can't we see it? I've spoken to Dennis's "people" and to his attorney, and cannot for the life of me understand why they aren't getting it out there, on DVD, on Blu-Ray, and as a stream. Don't be fooled by the opinions of those who haven't seen THE LAST MOVIE. It is Dennis' best film as a director, and a great experimental narrative feature in its own right. SCENE MISSING gives a taste of it, and of what fun it must have been to be there. - Alex Cox

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