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Secondary Currents1982

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  • 4.0
A film about the relationships between the mind and language. Delivered by an improbable narrator who speaks an extended assortment of nonsense, it is an "imageless" film in which the shifting relationships between voice-over commentary and subtitled narration constitute a peculiar duet for voice, thought, speech and sound. A kind of comic opera, with overtones of Sid Caesar and Woody Allen, the film is a dark metaphor for the order and entropy of language. SECONDARY CURRENTS has been widely shown internationally and has been the subject of a number of articles on the use of language in film and video.

Member Reviews (3)

incredible! Loved this.

A fun watch...and I don't have a pot leaf as my symbol. Perhaps that makes this even better but it is enjoyable on it own.

God resides where language hides. When one sees where language has been, one knows where language has yet to be.