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also known as Un baiser s'il vous plaît

Shall We Kiss?2010

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  • 4.0
Equally seduced by one another, but both otherwise committed, Emilie and Gabriel know they will probably never see each other again. He would like to kiss her.



Member Reviews (8)

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top reviewer

Unusual storyline, quite well constructed with a few twists Overall an entertaining hour and a half

top reviewer

i almost loved it maybe i did _i didn't expect to_it's not really my thing but it's so sweet & charming & complicated & i love all the girls_love is tough sometimes but it's worth it

top reviewer

It's a fun movie to watch with a touch of unpredictability that keeps it interesting. Poor Claudio, and he seems like such a nice guy.

top reviewer

Another fun French Romantic comedy. Very enjoyable to watch. I love Virginie Ledoyen and would watch her in anything (did you see her in AN ARMY OF CRIME? WOW!). Just a lot of fun. Highly recommended for anyone. Pop a bottle of light spirits, cuddle up on the couch with your beloved, and enjoy>

Very uneven; and aside from a couple of funny moments (and I mean only a couple), it was a little too serious overall for a comedy, and certainly contrived. So much for fidelity... which is, I suppose, a necessary "evil" for the French. (Sometimes stereotypes live up to their reputations; both in the movies and in life.) Yawn.

It is a good light story. Perfect for a night to relax

I really loved it. It was unique in combining romance, comedy ...and tragedy all in the same very delicate manner. I loved the fact that they took their was a very sweet and sour ending. The acting is perfect and so well suited for the portrayal.

A basic dissection of mammalian love.