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also known as Friend


  • 4.3
Nominated for the 2016 Academy Award® for Live Action Short Film. Based on true events, SHOK is set during the escalation of the Kosovan War when the country was occupied by Serbia. Two young Kosovan boys, Petrit and Oki, are the best of friends. After Oki buys a bike, Petrit is desperate to have one of his own. Ever the businessman Petrit finds a niche dealing cigarette papers to the occupying Serbian troops. However with tensions and violence escalating in the country, many would see this as traitorous. Building a steady network of contacts, Petrit drags Oki into ever more dangerous situations until their lives are put at risk. As their relationship is tested to the limits they begin to encounter the true intentions of the Serbians and learn the meaning of friendship.

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Member Reviews (2)

This was so accurate and so emotional. I will never forget what my people in Kosovo went through. A horrifying decade that will hopefully never repeat. Thank you for making this short film Mr. Donoughue.

A perfectly made movie. Right to the point. Beautiful, intense and heart breaking. Bravo to the film makers.