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Some Girls Never Learn2011

  • 3.3
Chicago DIY filmmaker Jerzy Rose's first feature combines a narrative structure with the colorful surrealism of his short films. An idiosyncratic comedy involving a deep-sea diver who has discovered the leg bone of Amelia Earhart a gauche part-time science teacher (and amateur veterinarian) who dabbles in paraphysics, SOME GIRLS NEVER LEARN explores the way in which males in a state of extended adolescence relate to the women of their real and imagined lives. Rose's two maladroit leads journey through the underworld which is depicted as a cartoonish feminine landscape full of bubbles and pink smoke. Ovid, the great poet of love, is reduced to reciting dirty limericks. It is only in this world that these male characters can (sort-of) communicate with women. In their real lives, these intelligent men are incapable of anything but at-best awkward interactions which play to Rose's distinct sense of humor. "Maybe it is about turn of the century academia and how it relates to early feminism," Rose says of his film, which won an audience choice award at the Chicago Underground Film Festival. - Stela Jelincic

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