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also known as Chuzhoy golos

Someone Else's Voice1949

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  • 4.0
Ivan Ivanov-Vano has been described as the Walt Disney of Soviet animation and this 1949 short does indeed recall the creature comforts of BAMBI but with a decidedly intolerant moral. A magpie returning from abroad complains about a nightingale’s staid song. When the outsider honks out a jazz number, the local birds descend in vengeful fury: a vision of xenophobia all the more disturbing for its cheery veneer.



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top reviewer

Poor magpie! She may have been vain but they shouldn't have been so mean!

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top reviewer

Really beautiful old style animation. A fable about the politics of style. A Russian Nightingale vs a "foreign" jazz Magpie. The Nightingale wins.

Charming and disturbing in equal measure. Lovely animation with a sinister undercurrent. Highly recommended, even if it is a piece of propaganda.

It always goes down smooth.