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Something More than Night2003

  • 3.2
Daniel Eisenberg's quiet, voyeuristic portrait of Chicago shrouded in darkness draws us back to the beginning of cinema: to the Lumieres and Albert Kahn's "Archives of the Planet" to long takes by a fixed-camera with a fixed-lens to images that unfold in durational time. Confronting one-hundred years worth of cinematic conditioning, accomplished through montage and editing that has accelerated the way we experience time, Eisenberg meticulously edited his footage to avoid the chronological thrust of a narrative while evoking the rhythms of a city at night, long a fascination of filmmakers. Eschewing the conventions of fiction and non-fiction, SOMETHING MORE THAN NIGHT embodies the heightened sensual experience of place, time and memory. - Stela Jelincic

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Member Reviews (2)

top reviewer

3 1/2_not much happens but the images are great sometimes beautiful_so really cool visually & a cool soundtrack with maybe a handful of spoken words_really well done

Night in the city - the buildings seem more "alive" when lit up and the people who live and work and relax and quietly go about their lives are like ghosts serving the great night machine.