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  • 4.0
A statuary keeper closes herself off from the world beyond the fence that surrounds her yard, and lives in a world of statues. A recent college graduate tries job after job, in a quest for meaningful paying work that will involve her with her community. Combining deadpan humor and rich black and white imagery, STATUARY parallels the two women’s stories, satirizing the difficulty of the latter’s task, while reflecting on personal impulses towards isolation or involvement. The statuary keeper is played by the late great theatre artist Ruth Maleczech of Mabou Mines. The filmmaker herself plays the young grad.

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Member Reviews (2)

top reviewer

This is Laura Colella's second short film and it is truly sublime. A limited budget did not stop her from creating a highly effective and innovative narrative. I hated to see it end. I wanted to explore more of the two characters' worlds which cohesively merged humor and sadness. Exceptional!

top reviewer

it's shot really well