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Stay Until Tomorrow2004

  • 2.7
  • passes the bechdel test
Nina is a former teen star who quit acting to go to college, left college to travel the world, then became attached to the lifestyle of an international drifter. Several years later, she drops in on her childhood friend Jim, a reserved librarian, and asks to crash for a few days which turn into a few adventurous weeks. As her visit extends, we discover there's much more to Jim than meets the eye.

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Member Reviews (5)

top reviewer

i like all of the characters_NIna Carla & the guy_the story sort of drifts along sometimes in focus sometimes not_i think it's a cool idea but it lost it's center_even though there are a lot of interesting moments

top reviewer

Amateurish, but entertaining. Not something to savor, but fun.

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top reviewer

I know I only would have seen this movie on Fandor, which is why I got it. I had never heard of this movie. Like many movies I haven't heard about I wanted to check it out. Man, it got it me. This could have been a play. It was very simple and mostly about dialogue and the skill of the actors to portray an affair that only dealt with the physical love between the two. I think that is what happens in an affair. It was very cleverly done.

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