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Sticky Wicket2013

  • 2.1
  • passes the bechdel test
In the small town of Brunswick, Maine, the Women-Only Croquet Club is the only organized resistance to a corporate takeover by an invading cineplex movie chain. In its direct path is a 100 seat, hippie-built theater called the Eveningstar Cinema, crunched into a tiny, jewelry-store-sized space at the local mall. The owner, Barry Norman, is barely holding on. He's too tall for the 6' high upstairs projection booth (at 6'5"), and too old (over 50) to be carting around the heavy reels back and forth between projectors. As the cineplex ground-breaking approaches, future plans are made for a big croquet showdown at city hall. With croquet balls smacked to the tune of "Drive That Fast" by legendary UK band Kitchens of Distinction, it begins to dawn on us that maybe these mallet-wielding women can get the job done. And they do.

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Member Reviews (2)

A small indie film shot in Maine. Has the look and feel of a protracted student film with a pretty decent cast improvising (?) some of the dialog in a more or less believable manner. Long takes of sort of aging Gen X raps (mostly about the need to save the film theater in town and protest the video store). I want to be gentle but honest. The "Croquet protests" just don't cut it (4 players does not a protest make), and it's unclear who some of these randomly introduced characters are. I stayed with it for maybe an hour before giving in to sleep. I teach film, and I wanted to like this more than I did. Good luck, gang.

Initial dialogue too low to bother with the rest of the film - sorry!