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also known as Dead Kids

Strange Behavior1981

  • 3.4
The Ozploitation classic, and one of the most unique shockers of the '80s, returns like never before: Michael Murphy, Dan Shor and Fiona Lewis star in this grisly saga of bizarre experiments, butchered teens, New Zealand doubling for suburban Illinois and a killer in a Tor Johnson mask. Dey Young, Marc McClure, Scott Brady and Academy Award® winner Louise Fletcher co-star in this cult favorite, released in America as STRANGE BEHAVIOR (and premiered in New Zealand as DEAD KIDS), featuring a hypnotic score by Tangerine Dream, co-written by the Academy Award®-winning writer-director of GODS AND MONSTERS and directed by the producer of TWO LANE BLACKTOP.

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This is New Zealand's first horror film and though there are some decent parts, a good climax, and Tangerine Dream put together a great soundtrack, I mostly found it dull. This would have been much more interesting if they played up the "small town" vibe with more unique characters (I have family from Galesburg, IL and when I told them about this movie filmed in New Zealand, they said, "of course".) As a whole, Louise Fletcher's part is way too small, it would have been different if Klaus Kinski took the role as Dr. LaSange, and the original title "Dead Kids" is more interesting, but definitely worth a lazy day viewing.

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Believe it or not,...I enjoyed watching this film! Seemed to carry on fairly consistantly in terms of action and understandable conversation. Acting was par with other 60's and 70's sci-fy films. I enjoyed watching Louise Fletcher who was good in her part. If you enjoy realistically produced science fiction taking place in some local town, I'd recommend this view!

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An Australian horror film that seems to go to great lengths to convince you it's American. All the lead actors are American, and it seems to take place in the Southern US, even though the town looks pretty Australian. One dead giveaway is "Shivers" by the Boys Next Door on the soundtrack ... not exactly a song you expect to hear in the US in the early 80's. The plot concerns experiments on local teens being carried out by a psychology professor at the local college. It's never really stated exactly why, but it's turning the local kids into murderers. The film benefits from a pretty high powered cast ... Michael Murphy and Louise Fletcher are top-billed ... and some genuinely odd and creepy imagery (the killer wears a Tor Johnson mask in one memorable sequence), but it also feels oddly unfinished. Linking scenes seem to be missing and the plot feels pretty vague at times.

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A film schoolish movie whose narrative boners and logical inconsistencies work in its favor. The story's goofiness supplies a large part of its pleasures along with a willing cast of professional and amateur actors.

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What a freaky little film. Felt a little dull at times but had some intriguing bits and even a few surprises.

Another foray into the teen world of the past...the kids are doin' the jerk' or pogo, I'm not sure and yes, there is the evil scientist's with Louise Fletcher [wow] acting way below her craft.......I good cast of second string actors,lame plot from the 50's and the usual fake syringes and bleeding gimicks.....Good for the first half, got real boring halfway through...

Great fun.

Brilliant psychological slasher film with great music in the style of Goblin. Very creepy especially the part with cannibalism scene.

The ending is a little abrupt and it could use a lot more gore, but still a good amount and fun.