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also known as Il giustiziere sfida la città

Syndicate Sadists1975

  • 3.5
Umberto Lenzi was a notorious director of some of the most sadistic and brutal horror films to come out of Italy. But like so many of his fellow filmmakers, he was also fluent in the violent Italian cops and mobsters genre known as "poliziotteschi." SYNDICATE SADISTS is one of his stand-out efforts, a revenge film starring Tomas Milian as a motorcycle-riding loner by the name of Rambo who returns home to the crime-ridden city of Milan. This Rambo is no shell-shocked vet but he is a one-man army who starts a mob war after his best friend is murdered by the mafia. He proves that revenge is a dish best delivered from the back of a motorcycle with guns blazing. Joseph Cotten co-stars as an elder Godfather (and his story has a delicious twist) and, in this English-dubbed version, he provides his own distinctive voice. [Unfortunately, SYNDICATE SADISTS is presently only available with an English-dubbed dialogue track. Dubbing is generally avoided whenever possible (though not an option in this particular instance).] - Sean Axmaker

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Member Reviews (1)

A gem from 1970s Italy: sort of Sam Peckinpah does the Milanese underworld. (Video quality is bad VHS)