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Take Off1972

  • 3.6
Freaky and not a little transcendent, TAKE OFF takes the strip tease well past its usual climax. By sprinkling a little Georges Melies magic over the peep show motif, Gunvor Nelson simultaneously revels in cinema's earliest forms while exploding the medium's customary reliance on (and objectification of) the female body. - Max Goldberg

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This is the first film I've watched on Fandor, and it has already justified my subscription.

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top reviewer

This is the first film I've watched on Fandor, and it has already justified my subscription.

7 members like this review

This is totally hilarious. Worth a watch all the way to the end. And I love that the star, Ellion Ness, still does burlesque!

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Wonderfully weird, provocative and creative as hell, this film takes the concept of deconstructionism to a literal level before it flies off into the Cosmos. It's like Gypsy Rose Lee meets 2001. On a personal note, I had the privilege of meeting the film's star, the legendary Ellion Ness several years ago. She is a warm and friendly lady who is just as vivacious and enchanting as she was five decades ago.

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I guarantee you, this is not what you expect! It will leave your head in your hands--if you can only find your hands.

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sort of a fun nightmare

Don't want to spoil. Amazing. Definitely worth your time.

This still deserves the adjective: Avant Garde

What in the wild world of fuck did I just watch? Dislike? Probably not. Like? probably...?


Mind blowing concept. Unexpected and refreshing!

Wonderful example of deconstruction.

Fun, very counter-culture era film. The music by Pat Gleeson is great. I read the (spoiler) fragmentation at the end as a way of taking the sexual objectification/fragmentation implied in *some* striptease contexts to a delirious and potentially critical extreme.

Eh...yeah. Okay. Point taken.


Creative Avant-Garde Burlesque

Two stars on creativity!!

Me and Albert were tripping when we watched this. A pleasant film that turned into a goddamn nightmare...I loved it. A+++. If I had more thumbs, they would all be up. Albert still has not gotten back from the store with he chips. RIP.

Really enjoyed the first 7 minutes

Love it

Watch until the end.