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Tati vs Bresson: The Gag2016

  • 3.7
Jacques Tati and Robert Bresson were very different directors, yet the way they structure a scene is very similar.

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A lot of stating the obvious, and half the runtime is spent rambling about basic tenants of storytelling in film no one who has any film knowledge will find interesting. He also talks ungodly slow as if his concepts are hard to understand; they are not. And why do we need to spend a whole four minutes discussing Hitchcock anyway? I was really curious to hear how a film scholar would tie together two radically different directors who shared a place in time, but was left feeling even I come up with a better point if I picked up a voice recorder this very moment and started cutting footage together. That isn't to say I am a good critic, but that he is one with nothing to say. Rappaport is looked up to in many circles, but I must say this was a fruitless introduction.

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You're an idiot. You could not just pick up a "voice recorder this very moment" and do what Rappaport does. Dumbo!

A very interesting quick review and inside take of several filmmakers. Sound, lighting, pace, emotions – all things I need to look more closely at in my own pieces.

I enjoyed being introduced to this film makers and their work but would have loved a few more movie examples of their similarities instead of replaying similar scenes multiple times.