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  • 3.2
Still a stranger to her own body, a high school student discovers she has a physical advantage when she becomes the object of male violence.

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Delicious! The innocent survive, the bad guys get what they deserve. Skillful writing led me to questions - which were finally answered, and well as forseeing situations that might develop - as they did. Great credit to Weixler for the wide range of subtle expressions she presented which really carried the film. Left me surprised and satisfied. Hopefully the film will lead some who cling to the belief that virgin ring teaching/groups can make fully expansive and frank sexual education unnecessary. It can't.

I was tempted to give this one 4 stars, but the hilarious parts depended a bit too much on shock and gore for them to be truly memorable. (Shock and gore tend to burn away pretty fast from one's memory.) Having said that, the movie showed some funny scenes about American puritanical tendencies as they smacked up against the very real and normal sexual impulses and drives of adolescence. It was fun and funny watching our protagonist learn about her "power." She's a good actress and really made the film, which dragged in places but, at least, held my interest; however, she could have been supported by a quirkier (better) back-story or set of circumstances or secondary characters. I can see how there might be a knee-jerk reaction (given the times) to say that this story demonizes young men, but I don't think so. Since I'm one of the early Generation Xs, I don't know that much about "rape culture." However, I know about young boys/men; especially since I was once one. We can really be pricks. Oh, and a footnote. There was one scene, in fact, that scarred me for life: the last scene with the old man and his tongue has damaged me irreparably. Lol.

The acting is pretty bad, the story drags.