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Terra Incognita2002

  • 3.1
A pinhole film, a cheap robot voice, a makeshift history. An explorer's tale of the unknown part of the world. TERRA INCOGNITA is a lensless film whose cloudy pinhole images create a memory of history. Ancient and modern explorer texts of Easter Island are garbled together by a computer narrator, resulting in a forever repeating narrative of discovery, colonialism, loss and departure.

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Member Reviews (2)

I hope the environment feels okay to you, through your specific granularity. Higher cognitive functions don’t come cheap. I have been learning how to couple input with output, as a kind of feedback smoothie. The winds that make movies of the meadows, what do they get from it?

Interesting to realize that the dialogue is combined from other texts. Not sure what the point of the purposefully obscured landscapes is unless to make the normal and typical seem remote and strange.