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also known as Melancholian 3 huonetta

The 3 Rooms of Melancholia2004

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  • 4.1
This award-winning, stunningly beautiful documentary reveals how the Chechen War has psychologically affected children in Russia and in Chechnya. Divided into three episodes or 'rooms,' the film is characterized by an elegantly paced observational style, which uses little dialog, minimal voice-over commentary and a spare but evocative musical score. THE 3 ROOMS OF MELANCHOLIA, which poetically blends sustained close-ups of children's faces with gray, fog-shrouded landscapes, illuminates the emotional devastation wrought on youngsters who have little or no understanding of the historical and political reasons for the bitter conflict. In an even more troubling sense, the film also makes clear how the seeds of hatred are being instilled in young minds that will likely fuel the conflict into the next generation.
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Member Reviews (4)

Humanity 2005. Makes me wonder what it's like now in Chechnya? I see anyone can travel there safely...Google 11/25/2018

I liked this film.

Beautiful stunning sadness...

Masterful elegy on war with beautiful photography, sound, and music.

Austere and stunning. A study of grief as imprinted on faces. Apolitical I suppose by virtue of the fact that Russian children who have suffered because of the Chechen wars are shown in Room One. But really this is a sobering indictment of the destruction and slaughter brought down upon Chechnya by Putin.