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The Art of Observing Life2013

Conversations with Documentary Filmmakers

  • 4.3
In the wonderful ART OF OBSERVING LIFE, renowned documentarian Marina Goldovskaya provides a master class in Cinéma vérité and an appreciation of the filmmakers who transformed the Documentary. Filmed mostly in Goldovskaya’s home in Los Angeles over an extended period of time, these conversations carry a loose and convivial tone. A fellow filmmaker and close friend, Goldovskaya poses straightforward questions and allows these legendary directors to talk freely about their work. They open up about the struggles and excitement of their early years, the making of some of their landmark films, their strategies and approaches to filmmaking and their philosophies to capturing life on screen. It is at once an homage to documentary filmmaking, a rare personal look at its luminaries, and a precious gift for students and lovers of documentary film.

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Interesting viewpoints and sympathetic POV. The innocence of fly on the wall filmmaking is portrayed here.