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The Bermuda Triangle1978

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  • 2.9
Director René Cardona Jr. has managed to make a very convincing horror tale set square in THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE, still one of the greatest mysteries on Earth. This place, which has reportedly swallowed up hundreds of ships, planes and human lives without a trace, now reached out to devour the Marvin family and their crew of underwater photographers and sailors who have come to photograph the ruins of a sunken city. Once in the grip of the Triangle, the crew begins to experience bizarre happenings, starting with the reception of a radio broadcast from a ship which disappeared a hundred years ago! Then follows a series of absurd and horrible accidents and one-by-one the passengers and crew begin to die or disappear.

Member Reviews (5)

weak plot. not worth your time.

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Not a bad movie basically.....surprised to see John Houston in a low budget flick ! One bad part of the movie was the overdubbing of some of the actors was actually kind of comical to see a 10 year old girl speaking with the voice of a much older woman trying to SOUND young ! Worth watching though !

What a bad movie and bad actors

its a part one'tv-thing....