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The Best Pilot in the World2008

  • 3.9
Uri Gil is a Guinness World Record holder. At 61, he’s the oldest active fighter pilot and he's waged battle in the skies for decades as he's pressed home Israel's military agenda. A passionate painter as well as a soldier, Uri talks with surprising candor about his values and life in the Air Force. We gain a unique insight into what makes a soldier tick. How does one deal with a lifetime of killing?

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Member Reviews (4)

First, Uri Gil is NOT the "Best Pilot in the World" He is the OLDEST Fighter pilot in the World - according to Guinness - as for the movie I found it interesting from a psychological perspective rather than from an aviation perspective - In my opinion Gen Gil is a superb fighter pilot but an extraordinary artist - I would love to own one of his smaller pieces - Gen Gil has passion and he is not afraid to show it - he also has compassion for those he goes against in war. It was an interesting study of a man

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Very Interesting and complex man. I agree with the other reviews that this is not an aviation film. It is a study of a man who dedicated his life to a cause that he clearly thought was right, but also a man who was capable of seeing the moral challenges that any warrior faces. Additionally we get to see him count the cost of his dedication to the IDF in terms of the family experiences that he (and his family) never got to enjoy. Overall a worthwhile film and I would recommend it.

A fascinating character study and a very cool, personal documentary. But, respectfully, it could have used a lot more aerial footage and POV shots and "engine roar" for fans of jet fighters. To see how to do it better, check out the A&E Television series "Dogfights" specifically the episode on the "Combat Air Tactics of the IAF," available on iTunes.