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also known as The Clansman

The Birth of a Nation1915

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  • 3.4
More than 75 years after its initial release, THE BIRTH OF A NATION remains one of the most controversial films ever made and a landmark achievement in film history that continues to fascinate and enrage audiences.



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historical interest

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Is that really supposed to be Christ in the background at the end, united in some way with the South, with the Klu Klux Klan with the cross of Jesus on their disgusting uniforms? Hitler also had "Gott mitt Uns" (God is with us)on every military commanders hat. Now we have a Republican Party in this country which takes much of their beliefs from religion, never understanding we are a secular nation!

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historical interest

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Credit to Griffith. He was either plagued by conspiracies or uninformed of history. The first part of the film was pretty factual. The last half, out of this world. His panorama of events had the stage alone. His version of events reveals more about the director than about history, though most viewers of the film had little access to the truth. Viewing the film, I now believe that his work was immensely influential in the developing south. I wonder how he might view his legacy today. I'm glad I watched the film, but I have no desire to repeat the experience.

On one hand, there is a distinct level of craft. Griffith knew how to tell a story, and you can see the distinct difference, especially after having seen other films from the same time period. However the blatant racism and utterly disgusting plot hurt the film immensely, to the point that it is hard to sit through

The first half is a genuinely good and nuanced civil war movie; the second half is a ridiculous farce that I can't take seriously at all. It is amusing how the cries of, "Wah! Racism!" have turned this into an essential movie. Intolerance is Griffith's true epic.

So I watched this...and now I know about how Southern blacks practically overnight went from slaves to rulers, lording their new found power over poor, disenfranchised whites. Oh yeah, and that it was the KKK, not Lincoln, who really unified the country. Whew! Good thing we had them!

This film shows the root of racism even be perpetuated today. The legacy of slavery will never die as long as hate groups such as the Klan exist.

I understand why it exist and why groups such as the Panthers were considered a threat.

This racism is evident across America today where Police who are paid to serve the community, are killing and not being charged for their crime. The ugliness continues . . .

Amazingly informative. I will be using this in homeschooling. I have a new understanding of the reasons for the formation of the KKK. The North, in the persons of Lynch and Stoneman, was greatly at fault. Not to excuse slavery, but to better understand the aftermath of the war.

Interesting movie about how slavery refused to die with the end or the Civil War. It just went underground under a new and creative name. I wonder if Hitler got some of his inspiration here.

A bit of a long movie (3 hours) but worth watching.