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The Camden 282007

  • 4.5
Summer, 1971. Protests against the Vietnam war are spreading across America. In Camden, New Jersey, a group of 28 activists (mostly conscientious objectors from the Catholic left) plan to break into a local draft board office and destroy records, striking a blow against the system. But little do they know a mole has infiltrated their operation, and within hours of beginning their mission they are rounded up and arrested by the FBI, under the personal authority of J. Edgar Hoover. Featuring a treasure trove of archival materials as well as current interviews with members of the Camden 28, scholars such as Howard Zinn, and a former FBI agent involved in the case, this award-winning documentary uncovers a story of potent dissent, one that has special relevance in our current political climate.

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Member Reviews (1)

Well-told story of courageous Americans at a vital point in our history. A must-see for those of us who grew up being told the cops and government were "the good guys" and that the law and justice meant the same thing, and a stark reminder that the worst of us has been the ones we should have been able to trust as the best of us, most notably Hoover.