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The Circle Closes2015

  • 3.7
An examination of four different films, which to varying degrees, center on a prop or an object or an item that crosses various characters lives and passes from hand to hand in THE CIRCLE CLOSES. The story in each film is, to a certain extent, told from the point of view of the object which can neither speak nor evaluate the actions of the characters whose lives it touches and influences. The films? MME DE..., WINCHESTER '73, VIRDIANA and AU HASARD BALTHAZAR.

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WARNING: DO NOT WATCH THIS FILM BEFORE SEEING THE SEVEN VERY, VERY IMPORTANT FILMS OF WHICH THIS FILM SCHOOL STUDY GIVES COMPLETE SYNOPSES!!! The screenshot here is also a spoiler of one of these films. This is an interesting study if you have seen all of these films (though I completely disagree with Rappaport's assertion that the donkey Balthazar is not symbolic; it is most definitely and obviously symbolic of Christ) but if you have not seen them ALL, it is a terrible spoiler that will in 15 minutes, spoil your enjoyment of several of the greatest films ever made. See them first! The films are: Au Hasard Balthazar, Viridiana, Winchester '73, The Earrings of Madame De..., All That Heaven Allows, Vertigo, and Citizen Kane.

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On the other hand, any student of film should worry about spoilers. We watch to understand better this most elusive of arts.

On the other hand, any student of film should worry about spoilers. We watch to understand better this most elusive of arts.

dude! spoilers!

30 minutes of stating the obvious. Nice clips though.

The film would probably help people understand qualities of film art, yet the structure in which the materials are given it not much more than that of the time-worn educational films that make eighth graders yawn.

I love any kind of analysis of art.

top reviewer

That's fine if you have seen all of these films, as I have. My advice is directed to those who have not yet enjoyed them and want to see the stories unfold as they were meant to, before being told how they end. Additionally, this particular analysis is sophomoric, and I don't know how anyone who is paying attention could say that Balthazar is not symbolic! It is pure Christian allegory, and Christianity/faith is a frequent theme in Bresson.

Rappaport's admiration for the films and their themes shine through contagiously. Enjoyed watching his ideas unfold here.