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The Columbarium2014

  • 3.9
Do you have to be alive to be considered part of a neighborhood? This short black and white film shot on Super 16mm explores the concept of death through the eyes of Emmitt Waston, the long-time caretaker of thousands of cremated remains at the Neptune Society Columbarium of San Francisco, and how we can still be a part of a community even after we go.

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Member Reviews (2)

top reviewer

This little movie quickly yet subtly draws you inside the Columbarium, one of San Francisco's most unique, yet overlooked landmarks. If there is one problem with this film is that the visit is too short. It would have been great to explore the Columbarium a bit more, get to know it's caretaker, Emmitt Watson, and learn just a few more of the 80,000 stories locked away in this magnificent old building.

top reviewer

Never knew that such a thing existed.

Would have enjoyed a bit more info and a longer piece.