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also known as Der Greifer

The Copper1958

  • 3.6
Though many audiences are initially familiar with the extraordinary German actor Hans Albers from his role in Josef von Sternberg's THE BLUE ANGEL, his reputation was enhanced (and his fame soared) after his starring role in DER GREIFER (THE COPPER) released the following year. Nearly three decades later, Albers again starred in the remake of his earliest success. In both identically titled instances, the story concerns a police sergeant tasked with finding a notorious killer. However, Albers brings a maturity to this second version that makes the intricate narrative a joy to watch unfold.

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Member Reviews (3)

Enjoyable old B&W.

I loved it !!! very original and I got to practice my german , Wundebar!!!

Wow! This was one fantastic story. It has the simplicity of the times; but the dialogue is compelling.